Listen up, they're talking.

Megathread’s Semantic Ranking and Credentialing Engine utilizes online dialogue to build a knowledge bridge between people, communities and information resources in any subject. Our award-winning, patented technology is a safe and effective solution to establishing authenticity, credibility and meaning across the Internet’s open-architecture.

For individuals, Megathread recognizes people's qualities, skills, influences and interests, in order to provide more meaningful connections and greater opportunities. It helps online communities understand their members and improve user activity so that they can maximize their ability to manage, educate, target and build traction with their audiences. For educators, researchers, and businesses, Megathread provides a cross-platform bridge for knowledge recognition, skill-matching, and problem solving. For search engines, advertisers, and marketers, Megathread is a next generation approach to differentiating and integrating between the multitude of social objects that define the Social Web. For artificial Intelligence and machine learning, Megathread utilizes the cognitive exchange process to generate higher levels of meaning and understanding.

How it Works