Megathread’s Plugin For WordPress and BuddyPress Discussions

  Megathread’s plugin for active WordPress and BuddyPress discussions naturally identifies the most influential tags, people, posts, discussions and communities based on the subjects that are being discussed. Megathread’s Discussion Based Analytics will instantly increase your ability to understand, educate, manage, target, and connect with your audiences across the Web. Download from the WordPress repository Read More »

Megathread: An Organic Approach to Socializing the Web

If knowledge is power then how powerful would it be if the worlds knowledge was available and organized appropriately? If ethically sound, wouldn’t this be the most powerful society tool we could ever ask for? Think of the infinite potentials if education, research, science, technology, healthcare, business and government all shared the ubiquitous ability to Read More »

Test Post For Megathread

This is a test post for retroactive feature. Megathread’s Retroactive feature analyzes archived discussions and generates credentials based on those discussions. This is an extremely powerful feature for online communities that want to generate value for their past discussions and content.