For Communities


Megathread‚Ñ¢ offers greater visibility, traction, and audience recognition. It allows you to manage content specific to your members interests, while providing cross-platform visibility for maximum audience retention.

Megathread‚Ñ¢ enhances your community with:


  • ¬†A seamless approach to building social credentials and semantic analytics for greater visibility, traction, and audience recognition
  • ¬†Stronger affinity between people and information without the risk to proprietary information
  • ¬†An authentic community environment for self-regulating fraud, maliciousness, misinformation, and privacy abuse
  • ¬†A superior model for advertising that is user-friendly and non-intrusive to personal information

Innovative Technology


Megathread‚Ñ¢’s patent-pending technology recognizes the unique qualities of your community, further engages your target audience, and significantly improves your users’ overall experience. Megathread‚Ñ¢ allows you to provide a more meaningful environment which will increase user participation.

Advertising Revenues


In addition to creating greater affinity, traction and user recognition, Megathread‚Ñ¢ provides an optional source of revenue through our Reciprocal Advertising Model.