For Online Education


Megathread™ empowers students, professors, classes, and education as a whole by providing lifelong social credentials that can be utilized anywhere over the Web.  We offer a safe and effective solution to integrating the online classroom with the socially empowering potentials of the Internet.


Megathread‚Ñ¢ empowers online education by providing:

  • ¬†Life-long social credentials for students, classes, and the school
  • ¬†A seamless ability to apply these credentials with real world needsgraduation_world_400_clr
  • ¬†A safe avenue for matching students, classes, and universities with the most relevant resources that relates to course discussion
  • ¬†Direct connections with the most credible resources in any academic subject
  • ¬†Real-time metrics and analytics for your online education community
  • ¬†Non-tuition based income through reciprocal revenue

Why Megathread‚Ñ¢ for Online Education?


Megathread‚Ñ¢ provides life-long social credentials while extending the benefits of online education.
The credentials Megathread™ builds for students in the virtual classroom can be used across the entire Web.  Megathread™ not only establishes credentials for students, it also creates credentials for the classroom and subject relative discussions.
This proprietary approach allows Megathread‚Ñ¢ to provide the most accurate and meaningful connections in and out of online education without the threat to personal or proprietary information; allowing for broader integration of the virtual classroom with other forms of social media. This also provides students with definitive pathways for job matching, discovering the most meaningful careers, and discovering purpose through social influence.

Financial Support


Schools, universities and vocational institutes that license Megathread‚Ñ¢’s technology will additionally benefit from our reciprocal advertising model; distributing revenue to these institutions without any need to advertise over their online communities.


For any feedback, questions, or to discuss the potentials of licensing Megathread‚Ñ¢ please contact us directly.