What is Megathread?

For Online Communities seeking to maximize their Web presence by increase ad revenue and user base while providing a more meaningful community experience

Megathread‚Ñ¢ is a simple, yet powerful application that allows online communities to help people discover the most relevant information and connect with the most credible resources. It optimizes community presence through generating cross-platform metrics and credentials that establish social influence for people and communities anywhere over the Web.

Megathread APP


Social Influence

  • ¬† Define your social credibility
  • ¬† Establish your online reputation
  • ¬† Validate your expert authority

Relevant Information

  • ¬† Get what‚Äôs most important to you
  • ¬† Discover engaging discussions
  • ¬† Connect with credible experts

Community Optimization

  • ¬† Accredit your members & content
  • ¬† Superior searching & analytics
  • ¬† Increase engagement & loyalty