Our Mission

The goal of Megathread is to create a society
based on the value of people and information.


In order to connect the right information to the right people at the right time, the Internet must support a standard for authentically recognizing the credibility of online users, online communities, and the information they share.

Through measuring the social influence and relevance of the key social factors, Megathread works across the entire Web connecting the right information to the right people at the right time. By becoming a member of Megathread, either as an online community or as an individual user, you’ll become a part of creating a safer and more effective online social environment.

Megathread is scalable to any platform, therefore it can connect online communities in education, sports, business, technology, healthcare, social services, government, etc.. Through our transparent approach to Internet privacy, Megathread maximizes the benefits of online communities while addressing concerns over information privacy.

How do we do this? Through a patent-pending 3rd-person algorithm that generates authentic social credentials that are based upon levels of active engagement in online discussions. These credentials accurately match the top influencing people, posts, discussions, and communities in specific areas of interest. They help people discover the most relevant information and connect with the most credible resources, they provide communities a superior source for managing and optimizing the benefits of their platform.

For marketers Megathread’s credentials are the most accurate source for understanding peoples interest at any given time in any given setting. No other technology generates results that are derived from individual and collective “perspectives.” This patent-pending approach allows Megathread to help you target your audience based on their perspective, which is a mesh of the people, places and things that influence them the most.

Finally, Megathread’s low overhead, cost-effective model makes it a superior choice for building an authentic social environment while maximizing the benefits of online communities. And since Megathread is based on collaboration, offering a portion of our own ad-revenue to supporting organizations assists in generating greater profits. This business model is based upon superior targeting abilities and a non-intrusive approach that allows advertisers to target more isolate audiences based on specific social interests.