What do we offer?

Megathread APP

User & Community Dashboard


Megathread‚Ñ¢‚Äôs Dashboard provides users & communities an environment for managing social presence and a comprehensive analysis of relevant connections. Megathread‚Ñ¢ Interest Groups provide users & communities the most accurate tool for optimizing peoples’ online community experience.

Megathread’s Tool Shed


Our tool shed provides online communities with everything they need to customize and maximize Megathread‚Ñ¢’s benefits over their site. Megathread‚Ñ¢ Widgets are dynamic tools that provide immediate access to the information, communities, discussions, and people that are most relevant to any given community setting.

Advertising & Marketing Optimizer


Megathread™’s ads provide superior targeting abilities through a non-intrusive approach that allows advertisers to target more issolate audiences based on specific social interests.